Hemp Farm and Crude Tolling

Do you own a farm and need a tolling deal? We can help. We have labs across the nation that can pick up your hemp and process the hemp and give you back crude or CBD distillate. We will also assist in selling your crude, we have sales offices in NYC, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

Are you a crude processor? We can make your crude into quality CBD, we can also help you sell the CBD to our customers.

We work with farms and crude distributors to process the crude into high quality CBD. We use the newest technology that splits the crude into into several cuts and keeps the CBD potency high. We give hemp farms the best splits as low 30% for the Lab and 70% for the farms. More crude we toll the better splits we can offer.

Rent out our CBD processing laboratory:

Some firms don’t have the ability to process distillate at our scale and need help. If you get a big order you can’t fill, don’t worry we will help. We can charge as little as $200 a liter of crude to process hemp crude into CBD. We can also help you buy the crude at the lowest price, as we have access to over 30 farms we have certified.

You want to get into the CBD business, don’t spend $500,000 to $1 million to setup a lab. Let us process your crude and you can focus on making money. We employ the latest technology in making CBD. Our latest machine was just added Dec. 2019.

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