Buy Bulk CBD Crude or Distillate Direct

About Wholesale CBD Laboratories

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Our Lab

Unlike most firms that sell CBD we are actually the lab that makes the CBD. We buy direct from the farms, and we process the hemp and crude in our own facility in Downtown Los Angeles. No broker or agent mark up, just great CBD products from a trusted source. When you buy from us you buy direct.


Private Label

Do you need your own line of CBD products? We can make almost any product line, from gummy bears to oils, to salves. We have in fact done this for several successful brands like 7Leaf Hemp ( and Daily Bang CBD.


CBD Products and Oils

We sell full spectrum CBD and board spectrum CBD distillate with Zero THC. Since we are the lab we can process the hemp to make any kind of CBD profile on request. We can also make CBG and CBN. Our turn around is fast within a few days and we can rush orders usually within 48-72 hours.


Trusted Sources and People

Here at Wholesale CBD Labs we are located on what is becoming Cannabis Row in Los Angeles. In Fact almost every building on Venice Blvd. now either processes or works with Hemp or THC. This is the green zone of Los Angeles. We work with farms and vetted the ones we know that have the highest quality CBD free of chemicals and heavy metals. We works with over 30 certified farms across America.


Rent Our Lab

It all begins with an idea but it ends with how good your technology is. You want to get into the CBD business, don’t spend $500,000 to $1 million to setup a lab. Let us process your crude and you can focus on making money. We employ the latest technology in making CBD. Our latest machine was just added Dec. 2019.


Tolling Hemp and Crude

Do you need to process crude? Give us a call we will work out a deal and even help you sell the distillate. We supply many Fortune 1000 firms and we are always looking for reputable quality farms and crude distributors to work with.